During the autumn 2015 One Point Life started to produce the music of Pekka Airaksinen. Airaksinen has a discography covering 70  pieces of work. The first piece was released in 1967 and he still keeps composing. Most of the releases are CD-R-albums but in addition there are a few DC- and LP-albums. A box of five LP’s and Buddhas of Golden Light -albun have been released 2015.

The music of Pekka Airaksinen is very original and poorly available. This is why One Point Life undertakes the production of Airaksinen’s best samples such as Love and Addiction, Mangala, Vitae Tennis Nest, Union in Space, Sugatas and Jewel Comet, Vitamins etc. These  will be remixed in LP- and CD-formats.

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Pekka Airaksinen: VITAMINS  (9.3.2017)

Recorded in 1975, remix 2017 © Dharmakustannus, (P) One Point Life 2017   Double LP 35 €

Vitamins etukansi     Vitamins takakansi copy

See order of tracks here, in cover it´s incorrect!
Side A: 1. Molybdene (4:38) 2. Gandhi (8:03) 3. Michelangelo (2:14) 4. Platon (3:35) 5. Picasso (2:17)       Side B: 1.Freud (6:55) 2. Akupunkture 1 (4:45) 3. Akupunkture 2 (2:16) 4. Opium (4:56) 5. B12 (2:02)       Side C: 1. Chromium (4:05) 2. A (2:18) 3. C (2:02) 4. E (3:30) 5. B2 (3:36) 6. B3 (2:23) 7. B5 (2:58)  Side D: 1. B6 (4:55) 2. Magnesium (2:32) 3. Copper (2:24) 4. B1 (1:28) 5. Manganese (1:49) 6. Zinc (3:21)
In general music is mostly about expressing feelings and affecting people emotionally. On the other hand for example creating jazz music is also an intellectual process, not only for the musicians but also for the audience. For me music is a way of gaining knowledge. Music offers information and new perspectives to life which aren’t limited by concepts or literature. Therefore vitamins and other minerals belong to this category of curiosity. I was fascinated by what vitamins tell. I noticed that vitamins are a chemical sort of positivity that has at least in Finland reduced during the last decades. Meaning the kind of positivity, innocence and naivety that can’t even be imagined these days but were a substantial part of Finnish films from 1940s to 1950s. While composing about vitamins I noticed the connection between vitality and  positivity. Also portaits aim to express the essential of its model, not what him/her looks like on the outside. I chose some people that are interesting and have had something special to offer. (P.Airaksinen)

Pekka Airaksinen: VERTICAL PILLARS  (5.8.2016)

Recorded in 1983-84, remix 2016 © Dharmakustannus, (P) One Point Life 2016   LP 25 €

Etukansi     takakansi

Side one 1. Dundubhisvararaga (10:14) 2. Kanakamuni (9:10)  Side two 1. Kashyapa (6:59) 2. Shakyamuni (6:49)  3. Jambusuvarnadhvajakacanabhasa (8:22)

Vertical Pillars is electronic instrumental improvisational music. Kanakamuni, Kashyapa and Shakyamuni are from Sugatas album (1984) and Jambusuvarnadhvajakacanabhasa which has slight jazz ifluence comes from Jewel comet (1983).
” The inspiration to these compositions come from ancient texts. According to Indian beliefs Buddha is the pinnacle of human attainment. I have drawn mathematical information from text and used it as basis for composition. The rythm I divided in four layers, elements, that are earth bass drum, water tom, fire snare and wind symbal. The idea is to make perfect rhythm that accomps the perfect life.”  (P.Airaksinen)

Pekka Airaksinen: VITAE TENNIS NEST   (28.12.2015)

Recorded in 1998, remix 2015 ©Dharmakustannus, (P) One Point Life 2015        LP 25 €    LP+CD -Box 28 €    CD in a paperboard envelope 15€   + shipping

LP etuk

Side one 1. Vienna estes tint 1 (02:51) 2. Vienna estes tint 2 (05:48) 3. Visa tense intent (03:03) 4. Vienna estes tint 3 (02:54) 5. Acme con lent (03:24) 6. Bell Eunice (00:50) Side two 1. Lam Ice (03:17) 2. Stress Graff No 11 (07:28) 3. Hairtreak annoyer (04:09) 4. Reinsman earthshaker (04:48) in CD also Hieronymus (08:30) and Stress Graff No 11 (10:18)
First part of recors is piano music. Composed and played in 1998. First influenses were Cecil Taylor and Lennie Tristano in jazz genre. Also music of Conlon Nancarrow, Straviskys Les Noces and Philip Glass. In some pieces there is conversation with delay which makes it sound future robotic baroque music. Stress Graff no 11 is conserto for piano, delay and rhythm maschine. Hairstreak annoyer, Reinsman earthshaker and Hieronymus (only in cd) are from mid 90`s. They are stange flowers from seeds planted thirty or more years before with assistanse of Ligeti, Varese, Pendereski.

Review of Vitae tennis nest by Achim Breiling

Pekka Airaksinen: MANGALA (4.12.2015)

Recorded in 1986, remix 2015 ©Dharmakustannus (P) One Point Life 2015   LP 25 €   LP+CD -Box 32 €   CD 20 €      + shipping

MANGALA lp – Kopio
Side A 1.Night of Time (6:10)  2. Mirror of Forehead (6:10)  3. Otata (9:51)
Side B 1. Mangala (15:50) 2. King of Snakes
In CD also Pona (11:52), Dundubhisvara (03:47), Thunderdrum(01:25), Visvadhu (03:30)
Mangala is a composition from 1986. After composing it Airaksinen told he went to Pori jazz festival. He told, he picked same moods in Miles Davis and Urban Sax as in his composition. Mangala is completely different world and time, maybe out of time. It is complex and exiting. King of Snakes is about force that overcomes evil. Some people think this is Airaksinen`s best composition. This record gives opportunity to hear some of his best works not been available before. 5 works of perfection and beauty.

Review of Mangala by Achim Breiling

Pekka Airaksinen: LOVE AND ADDICTION  (1.10.2015)

Recorded in 1978, remix 2015 © Dharmakustannus (P) One Point Life 2015                                                          
LP+CD -box 28 €
LP 25 €
CD in a paperboard envelope 15 €
Shipping is not included. 

lovekansikuva copy

Side A 1. Snow rain of red flovers (5:16)  2. Yellow sunshine (5:28)  3. Kotka Rankki (6:09)  4. Good news from Columbia (4:59) Side B 1. Eros (7:14)  2. Eros 2 (4:24)  3. Eros 3 (11:23)
Mathieu Duval: Love´n Addiction McMullan. CD-R 1997
Composed in 1978 and released over a decade later under the name McDullan, Love’N Addiction finds Airaksinen exploring the themes of sex and drugs, but omitting rock’n’roll altogether (although the title would have you think otherwise). The music here is cold and harsh, like listening to two dinosaur computers conversing or Perrey And Kingsley on a bad acid trip. If you enjoyed Airaksinen’s Vitamins, this is the closest thing he has done aesthetically (both were composed roughly at the same time). Interesting to hear the difference between the ”drug” songs (Good News From Columbia doesn’t leave much to the imagination) and the three ”sex” songs, all entitled Eros. Whereas the former are much more hyperactiv and cold, the latter are much warmer (but not cliche) and even include saxophone. The first Eros has this great drone in the background which gives the track this off-kilter vibe.

Review of Love and Addiction by Achim Breiling


One Point Life aloitti syksyn 2015 aikana Pekka Airaksisen musiikin tuottamisen. Airaksisella on noin 70 teoksen Diskografia. Ensimmäinen teos julkaistiin 1967 ja sävellystyö jatkuu edelleen. Suurin osa julkaisuista on cd-r -levyjä, mutta myös muutamia dc- ja lp-levyjä on julkaistu. Kuluvana vuonna Airaksiselta on julkaistu viiden lp:n boksi ja uusintapainos Buddhas of Golden Light -teoksesta.

Airaksisen omaperäistä musiikkia on huonosti saatavilla ja siksipä One Point Life tuottaa remixattuna lp- ja cd- formaatissa hänen musiikillisia helmiään. Tuotannossa on  Love and Addiction ja Mangala albumien lisäksi mm. Vitae Tennis Nest, Jewel Comet, Sugatas ja Union in Space -teokset.